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Latest from the Blog

Please Don’t Be Obsessed with me Anymore – chapter 36

♔♚♔ The pouring gaze was cruel. Coco wanted to run away from those stares right away. But he couldn’t. Coco was well aware that he couldn’t escape. “Lick it, you filthy bastard!” As Coco froze, Geren threw a tantrum as he put his shoe forward. Coco had no choice but to lower his stance. The…

Looking For My Fiancé’s Lover – chapter 42

Was I dreaming? If it was a dream, I couldn’t have felt so awkward, embarrassed, shy, and had the urge to dig a hole to bury myself in. From the moment I recognised Nezar, not a single fingernail of mine remained due to me biting them all. I was a nervous wreck. I was anxious…

I’m Done Being Your Best Friend – chapter 62

Why did I just think of it now? I also had a scarf made of this thread in my previous life. “This thread is not made in the Empire.” I said looking down at the embroidery. In the first place, if it was from the Empire, it wouldn’t have been difficult to find. Since it…


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